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In the quest to find the “Fountain Of Youth," Ponce de Leon, a Spaniard “adelantado,” landed in the Americas in this amazing place he called “Florida.”  Named this because of the beautiful vegetation and flowers he encountered.   The Coreopsis is the main background for this painting, being Florida’s state wild flower.  Ponce de Leon kneels, bleeding, trying to drink from the Fountain Of Youth.  Behind him, the “Indian” scout unleashes nature's fury, a hurricane, upon the conquistadors.  Ponce actually was shot and poisoned by an indian arrow,  dying on his way to Cuba, where they had set up the first hospital.


  • 2012

    Oil on Canvas


  • Dimensions:

    W x H x D

    72 x 72 x 2.25 inch

    182.9 x 182.9 x 5.7 cm

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